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Age of Craft

Age Of Craft is a new server that much time and effort has been put into to bring forth a great experience for players. Server has a full team of staff and they are looking for more regular players.

The server also has a unique class system which allows players to be either a soldier, archer, gatherer, or a mage. Each class comes with its own set of skills and abilities.

I often get some lag, and some plugins have messed up recently, but overall, it’s the best server i’ve ever went on.

Craftasia Gaming

Craftasia Gaming hosts one server currently and that server is an 80 slot survival! We have many great plugins installed, designed to expand your Minecraft multiplayer experience. These include: McMMO, which lets you gain skills by doing such tasks as jumping from heights or hunting monsters; iConomy, which lets you have your own bank account and use the money in that bank account to purchase items from a player or the main server shop; Simpleclans, which allows players to create their own clans with other members sort of like an alliance; and lastly HeroStrongholds, which allows players to create their own towns.

We have a server shop so players can buy any item they wish at spawn. Players can also setup their own shops using Chestshop. We have 3 worlds: VIP, Warzone and Survival. Survival is for the player who does not like pvp, but still enjoys playing survival (mobs, animals, hardcore mode); Warzone is for the player who enjoys pvp and fighting. Build up your base and fight other clans to gain experience. Lastly VIP is for staff and mega donators. It is a creative world and allows those with high ranks to build safely with not mobs, no pvp and no grief.

Donating has many benefits including MegaJump, which allows you with the use of a simple command to jump to the worlds height limit; ecocreature rewards, which pays you iConomy coins each time you kill a mob, animal or player; a private VIP world for those who are mega donators; and a lot lot more. See the store for more info on these packages. All packages inherit the ones before them.

Level Up Minecraft

Level Up Minecraft is a fast growing bukkit server. The server started out back in November last year as a Faction Server. We have since grown to an average player base of 60 during the weekdays and 100+ on weekends. We have had over 30,000 accounts log onto the server since January and making the top 70 on Minestatus including 1431 registered users on our website.

We have just purchased another server to expand our name giving us the opportunity to provide our players with 2 different game types, Survival and PvP. In the near future we are also planning to release a Creative server.

We are in the process of creating a cloud, enabling players to teleport between servers within our servers it self and experience the ability to change servers with a simple command in-game.

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