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Loosing interested in Minecraft?

So lately I’ve been playing Minecraft single player and online Minecraft servers a lot. The problem is I’ve already made all achievements and I’ve been to probably all major servers.

Now there’s kinda nothing left to do for me. I’m really getting bored and I’m not sure what to do. Should I just quit Minecraft for a while? I mean I could try some small servers, modpacks and stuff, but I’m really not that interested in that.

Minecraft Java Problems

I had Minecraft java edition on my old computer it worked fine, but that was an older version. On this new computer I have windows 8.1 and every single version under Minecraft 1.10 works perfectly fine.

The problem is when I go into Minecraft perfectly fine, I create a new world. and it lasts sometimes for like 2 seconds but then it crashes with the error of java not working.

I have updated my graphic and video cards, I have literally rebooted my entire pc by doing a factory reset and a bunch of other things to no avail. it just keeps crashing, the longest I have got it to last is about 10 seconds before crashing. if anyone wants the crash thing with all the details I can post it here.

Update, I just tried it on Minecraft 1.14.3 and it crashed while trying to make the world this time (I hoped that the problem was fixed but it looks like its worse) the message it says is “Java (TM) Has stopped working” or something like that. Also I tried getting the crash report but i clicked on it multiple times and it would not open anything.

New creepypasta… It might be Herobrine

Let me say here at first, that I only play with PlayStation 3. So around 20 minutes ago, at 8 am, I was playing my map.

When I first created that map, everything seemed to be normal. But today, I found some weird things.

I was going to make a cake, so I went to go search what I needed. I had to go around half of the map to find one single cow. This might still be normal, but that’s when I started to find things that weren’t normal. Then, when I finally found that cow, I was happily going home.

And at my home, there is a small farm. And a mine, where everything seems to be normal. AND NOW THE THINGS, THAT AREN’T NORMAL.

So when I was going home, the first thing I noticed, that there was the letter H in a wall when I was around halfway home. Then a bit later, I found lots of red-white mushrooms floating on the ground.

At home, I was so creeped out. At home, there was this field I made. And that wheat that I was growing there, seemed to grow very fast. And I also heard splashing and walking noises behind me, but there was nothing. I did not see that mysterious thing yet. But it might happen later. And then I stopped playing that map and I ran downstairs. I grabbed my phone and wrote all what happened.

So i’m gonna call that thing “H”.

That’s all evidence I have and the saddest thing is that I didn’t record that, so no one will probably believe me.

Angry villagers

How can I make my villagers not hate me. I accidentally punched one and then he had kids so now the kids are also angry.

Try trading, building homes, defending village kill mobs near village.

Doing something bad to a villager lowers your “gossip” level and therefore makes trades more expensive. Villagers will exchange those experiences with each other. Trading, defending a village will make your villagers happy. Check the wiki on villagers for more information. I think it is under the “behavior” section

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