SimJoo’s Companion Pack V1.2.1 for MC 1.4.7


SimJoo’s Companion Pack V1.2.1 for MC 1.4.7

If you want to acquire your own special army of monsters, then get SimJoo's Companion Pack. Your army will be made of chickens and pigs. Go ahead and try out this mod and see what each mob does to each mob. This is a really huge arena of mobs. Check out the amazing redstone mob spawners to test the mobs against. Download the map too when you download the mob as it tells you how to tame the mobs very well.


• Armor and tame your mob
The mod allows you to armor, tame and make your mob tag along with you. You can armor a mob with an iron, leather, diamond and gold. Tame the mob only when they are armored.
• Pig-attacks
Now you can arrange for pig attacks on each and every mob and enderman are the most horrible monsters for the pig. Kill them with two or three diamond armored pigs.
• Zombie pigman
Slay these by 1 diamond armored pig.blaze and these can be pretty nasty for pigs.
• Magma cube
Pigs can easily slaughter these mobs, but a big magma cube take some moments
• Silverfish
Kill these annoying mobs with little mobs of pigs.
• Skeleton
Pigs will be too small for a skeleton to hit and the skeleton will almost always miss.
• Slime
Pigs will kill these mobs, but a bigger slime may take sometime
• spider
Look out for spiders as they can kill a pig.
• Zombie
These are scared of pigs as the pigs can usually turn them into a zombie.

Installation Steps

Take a look at the simple installation steps for Simjoo's Companion Pack.

1. Take out the manual installation folder from the simjoo'scompanionpack .zip
2. Go to start and fill in %appdata% in the text bar
3. Look for .minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar
4. Open minecraft.jar with 7zip or winrar
5. Now keep all files inside the manual installation folder to minecraft.jar
6. Get rid of meta-inf. You will find this folder inside minecraft.jar
7. Now, close minecraft.jar and open minecraft
8. Enjoy the game!