SF4 prestige speed running


SF4 prestige speed running

Hey everyone, I just wanted to get some thoughts on paper in regards to speed running prestige points on Minecraft.
Unlock the hopping bonsais and ore excator followed by the loot bag for an optimal start. Any steps after step one will follow the process I used once I completed step one.

I've found the village world type to be the most “OP in regards to quickly grinding points, you'll have immediate access to carrots and wheat for your bacon and donut saplings. (Carrots can be traded in the market for a pork chop). You can also chop down the wool on villager light posts to create your bed, bypassing the cottonwood sapling. If you're ambitious you can kill the Iron golems to make an iron bucket. You'll still need to grow one iron sapling to create iron Amber.

Setup the cobblestone generator included in the loot bag first thing, by the time you finish any remaining quests you'll have a full chest of cobble stone.

Plant a dirt sapling immediately after your cobble gen and crook the leaves to create additional saplings for your oak tree. You can rush toward the apple seeds so you don't need as much bone meal for its growth stages as it will passively grow while you complete other achievements.

Plant additional dirt saplings in the bonsai pots included in the loot bag, crush the leaves from your bonsai pots and plant 2 sugarcane seeds. Destroy 2 farming plots in the villager farm land and replace the land with dirt.

Plant a Bonemeal sapling and crook the leaves, plant additional saplings in bonsai pots to generate additional bone meal.

While your bone saplings are growing, grow your clay sapling. Use the clay to finish the lava quest. Use your bone tree crops to produce enough bone meal for the apple sapling and 2 sugar cane. Grow your apple tree complete and crook the leaves, don't bother chopping down the tree you should already have enough wood.

Sleep on your first night in your free bed.

Complete the iron quest next, don't bother creating a Tinkers compliment smeltery, just twerk 3-4 iron trees and produce 3 iron Amber. Use your furnace to produce 3 iron bars for your bucket. Use your iron bucket and the provided water generator to produce obsidian.

Finish all remaining metal Amber quests and the diamond quest. Don't use bonsais for these, it's faster to twerk and ore excavate if you're only using dirt or dirt Amber.

Using this method I finish page one in ~20 minutes. If anyone has any additional tips to speed up the process please share!