New creepypasta… It might be Herobrine


New creepypasta… It might be Herobrine

Let me say here at first, that I only play with PlayStation 3. So around 20 minutes ago, at 8 am, I was playing my map.

When I first created that map, everything seemed to be normal. But today, I found some weird things.

I was going to make a cake, so I went to go search what I needed. I had to go around half of the map to find one single cow. This might still be normal, but that's when I started to find things that weren't normal. Then, when I finally found that cow, I was happily going home.

And at my home, there is a small farm. And a mine, where everything seems to be normal. AND NOW THE THINGS, THAT AREN'T NORMAL.

So when I was going home, the first thing I noticed, that there was the letter H in a wall when I was around halfway home. Then a bit later, I found lots of red-white mushrooms floating on the ground.

At home, I was so creeped out. At home, there was this field I made. And that wheat that I was growing there, seemed to grow very fast. And I also heard splashing and walking noises behind me, but there was nothing. I did not see that mysterious thing yet. But it might happen later. And then I stopped playing that map and I ran downstairs. I grabbed my phone and wrote all what happened.

So i'm gonna call that thing “H”.

That's all evidence I have and the saddest thing is that I didn't record that, so no one will probably believe me.