Minecraft Java Problems


Minecraft Java Problems

I had Minecraft java edition on my old computer it worked fine, but that was an older version. On this new computer I have windows 8.1 and every single version under Minecraft 1.10 works perfectly fine.

The problem is when I go into Minecraft perfectly fine, I create a new world. and it lasts sometimes for like 2 seconds but then it crashes with the error of java not working.

I have updated my graphic and video cards, I have literally rebooted my entire pc by doing a factory reset and a bunch of other things to no avail. it just keeps crashing, the longest I have got it to last is about 10 seconds before crashing. if anyone wants the crash thing with all the details I can post it here.

Update, I just tried it on Minecraft 1.14.3 and it crashed while trying to make the world this time (I hoped that the problem was fixed but it looks like its worse) the message it says is “Java (TM) Has stopped working” or something like that. Also I tried getting the crash report but i clicked on it multiple times and it would not open anything.