How can a person connect to minecraft servers?


How can a person connect to minecraft servers?

If you are an online game lover, then minecrafts server is the right place for you. It is a gaming server which includes a variety of games to be played. The games can be played in solo or as multiplayer. A person can have full access over the site. The minecraft servers are the perfect server to join and perform a variety of online games.

In this post, the information will be given related to the joining of a person in the minecraft server. A person can join it by connecting to the personal computer or through mobile phones according to the versions of the minecraft. Different type of servers has various options to connect to the servers.

Different ways to join a minecraft servers

Here are the different ways to join different versions of minecraft servers on the desktop or on mobile phones.

1. Java on a personal computer

For joining minecraft servers, the person has to find the address of a server on which they want to connect. After finding the address of the server, a person has to open minecraft app icon which the person wants to join. If the person is not logged in the server, then the person has to sign up in the server. The play button will allow the person to start the server on the java edition of the desktop. Before playing in multiplayer, the person has to click on enable icon on antivirus or firewall to start playing. Click on the server and add the server to the windows. After the display of the names of server on the status bar, click on the join server option and join the server, a person wants to play in.

2. Windows 10 joining on desktop 

For participating in the server through Windows 10, search the server address and port number and then open the minecraft app icon in the block of dirt. If the person is not signed up in the minecraft app, then they have to sign up in the application. There is an icon of play at the top of the main menu, click on the play button. Then click on the server tab and add the server on top of the page. Enter the server name in the server box and also add the address of the server. Enter the port number and save the information and play the game with friends.

3. Minecraft servers on mobile 

For joining the minecraft server, search the minecraft server and port number on the mobile. Open minecraft app in the mobile and if the person is not logged in the server, then sign up in the app of minecraft. Tap on the play icon on top of the menu. Seach the server in the application and add on the server. Create a name of the server and enter the port number in the server's box. Save the number on the server, and the person can join the server and play the games.