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Loosing interested in Minecraft?

So lately I’ve been playing Minecraft single player and online Minecraft servers a lot. The problem is I’ve already made all achievements and I’ve been to probably all major servers.

Now there’s kinda nothing left to do for me. I’m really getting bored and I’m not sure what to do. Should I just quit Minecraft for a while? I mean I could try some small servers, modpacks and stuff, but I’m really not that interested in that.

Minecraft Java Problems

I had Minecraft java edition on my old computer it worked fine, but that was an older version. On this new computer I have windows 8.1 and every single version under Minecraft 1.10 works perfectly fine.

The problem is when I go into Minecraft perfectly fine, I create a new world. and it lasts sometimes for like 2 seconds but then it crashes with the error of java not working.

I have updated my graphic and video cards, I have literally rebooted my entire pc by doing a factory reset and a bunch of other things to no avail. it just keeps crashing, the longest I have got it to last is about 10 seconds before crashing. if anyone wants the crash thing with all the details I can post it here.

Update, I just tried it on Minecraft 1.14.3 and it crashed while trying to make the world this time (I hoped that the problem was fixed but it looks like its worse) the message it says is “Java (TM) Has stopped working” or something like that. Also I tried getting the crash report but i clicked on it multiple times and it would not open anything.

New creepypasta… It might be Herobrine

Let me say here at first, that I only play with PlayStation 3. So around 20 minutes ago, at 8 am, I was playing my map.

When I first created that map, everything seemed to be normal. But today, I found some weird things.

I was going to make a cake, so I went to go search what I needed. I had to go around half of the map to find one single cow. This might still be normal, but that’s when I started to find things that weren’t normal. Then, when I finally found that cow, I was happily going home.

And at my home, there is a small farm. And a mine, where everything seems to be normal. AND NOW THE THINGS, THAT AREN’T NORMAL.

So when I was going home, the first thing I noticed, that there was the letter H in a wall when I was around halfway home. Then a bit later, I found lots of red-white mushrooms floating on the ground.

At home, I was so creeped out. At home, there was this field I made. And that wheat that I was growing there, seemed to grow very fast. And I also heard splashing and walking noises behind me, but there was nothing. I did not see that mysterious thing yet. But it might happen later. And then I stopped playing that map and I ran downstairs. I grabbed my phone and wrote all what happened.

So i’m gonna call that thing “H”.

That’s all evidence I have and the saddest thing is that I didn’t record that, so no one will probably believe me.

Angry villagers

How can I make my villagers not hate me. I accidentally punched one and then he had kids so now the kids are also angry.

Try trading, building homes, defending village kill mobs near village.

Doing something bad to a villager lowers your “gossip” level and therefore makes trades more expensive. Villagers will exchange those experiences with each other. Trading, defending a village will make your villagers happy. Check the wiki on villagers for more information. I think it is under the “behavior” section

SF4 prestige speed running

Hey everyone, I just wanted to get some thoughts on paper in regards to speed running prestige points on Minecraft.

  1. Unlock the hopping bonsais and ore excator followed by the loot bag for an optimal start. Any steps after step one will follow the process I used once I completed step one.
  2. I’ve found the village world type to be the most “OP in regards to quickly grinding points, you’ll have immediate access to carrots and wheat for your bacon and donut saplings. (Carrots can be traded in the market for a pork chop). You can also chop down the wool on villager light posts to create your bed, bypassing the cottonwood sapling. If you’re ambitious you can kill the Iron golems to make an iron bucket. You’ll still need to grow one iron sapling to create iron Amber.
  3. Setup the cobblestone generator included in the loot bag first thing, by the time you finish any remaining quests you’ll have a full chest of cobble stone.
  4. Plant a dirt sapling immediately after your cobble gen and crook the leaves to create additional saplings for your oak tree. You can rush toward the apple seeds so you don’t need as much bone meal for its growth stages as it will passively grow while you complete other achievements.
  5. Plant additional dirt saplings in the bonsai pots included in the loot bag, crush the leaves from your bonsai pots and plant 2 sugarcane seeds. Destroy 2 farming plots in the villager farm land and replace the land with dirt.
  6. Plant a Bonemeal sapling and crook the leaves, plant additional saplings in bonsai pots to generate additional bone meal.
  7. While your bone saplings are growing, grow your clay sapling. Use the clay to finish the lava quest. Use your bone tree crops to produce enough bone meal for the apple sapling and 2 sugar cane. Grow your apple tree complete and crook the leaves, don’t bother chopping down the tree you should already have enough wood.
  8. Sleep on your first night in your free bed.
  9. Complete the iron quest next, don’t bother creating a Tinkers compliment smeltery, just twerk 3-4 iron trees and produce 3 iron Amber. Use your furnace to produce 3 iron bars for your bucket. Use your iron bucket and the provided water generator to produce obsidian.
  10. Finish all remaining metal Amber quests and the diamond quest. Don’t use bonsais for these, it’s faster to twerk and ore excavate if you’re only using dirt or dirt Amber.

Using this method I finish page one in ~20 minutes. If anyone has any additional tips to speed up the process please share!

Straight Up Survival

About Straight Up Survival

Straight Up Survival or SUS has been operating since 2012.

Our current map was started September 8th 2018 (Season 7)

We created the server after some of our favorite servers closed and we were unable to find the same game style. We are a Raiding-Survival server with very little moderation. We allow raids, PVP, and griefing. On Straight Up Survival you cannot protect/claim land or chests so your best protection from raids/grief is to build far out in our 75k x 75k world (37,500 blocks from 0,0) and to build smart. Straight Up Survival is a somewhat anarchy style server with some limited moderation. Play your way on SUS. Grief and raid, hide and collect, design and construct, enchant and pvp, it’s up to you.

Although we somewhat stick to a vanilla like gameplay, SUS has a few plugins that allow features we like. More on server features later.


  1. No hacks or clients.
  2. Do not evade a ban in any way.
  3. Adhere to the Admin’s directions.


Most of our active players are located in North America however all are welcome. Our most active time of day is around 6 PM CST – 11 AM CST. The majority of our players are friendly and supportive however because we provide very limited moderation, you may find some toxic players. You are able to use /ignore <player> for anyone that is bothering you.

We have an active Discord server for Straight Up Survival. Discord is where we give out important information about the server. You’ll find voice channels with active players and text channels with memes etc. If you join the server and decide to stick around, please join the discord. You will not be able to send messages or join voice channels on the discord server until you link your Minecraft account to your Discord account. To do this type “/discord link” on the Minecraft server.

Server Features

  • Teleportation – You are able to teleport to a few warps /warp, /warp <warp>, spawn /spawn, a private home location set by you /sethome, /home, and other players if they accept /tpa <player>. You will teleport with anything that you’re riding on or in. E.g. a horse or a boat.
  • World Border – The world border is 75,000 x 75,000. About 37,500 blocks N,E,S,W from spawn.
  • The End – The End resets every 20 days. The reset occurs at 8 PM CST. This makes the end a very poor choice for a base location.
  • Ender Chests – Ender Chests are uncraftable and unusable. We’ve done this to make raids more profitable.
  • Clans – Players are able to create clans with other players. A shared clan home location (separate from your private home location) can be set for clan members to teleport to. You can also chat privately to clan members by using the command /. <message>.
  • Spawners – All players are able to collect spawners my mining them with a silk touch enchanted pickaxe.
  • Beds – On SUS, beds have no effect on your respawn location or home location. The night will pass exponentially as the percentage of sleeping players increases.
  • Events/Mini games – From time to time we provide fun games or events to the players. These do not affect the survival world inventories.
  • Discord – As mentioned above, discord is the main source of server information and the center of our community. Please link your Discord by typing “/discord link” on the Minecraft server.
  • Player Commands
    • /help – Displays in chat a complete list of commands available to you.
    • /clan – Displays in chat all commands available for setting up and using clans.
    • /afk – Display in public chat that you are “Away From Keyboard.
    • /msg <player> <message> – Sends a private message to another online player.
    • /rules – Displays in chat the server rules.
    • /ignore <player> – You will no longer see messages or receive teleport requests from the player
    • /ping – Receive “pong” in chat. Used to test if youre lagging
    • /lag – Displays in chat your current TPS. 20 is no lag.
    • /spawn – Teleports you to the spawn location.
    • /sethome – Sets a private teleport location.
    • /home – Teleports you to your sethome location.
    • /tpa <player> – Request to teleport to another player’s location.
    • /tpahere <player> – Request another player to teleport to your location.
    • /tpaccept – Accept a teleport request.
    • /tpadeny – Deny a teleport request.
    • /warp – Displays in chat warps available to you.
    • /warp <warp> – Teleport to the warp location.
    • /seen <player> – Displays in chat how long since a player last logged on.
    • /kit – Displays in chat kits available to you.
    • /kit <kit> – Receive the kit

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