Month: February 2020

Level Up Minecraft

Level Up Minecraft is a fast growing bukkit server. The server started out back in November last year as a Faction Server. We have since grown to an average player base of 60 during the weekdays and 100+ on weekends. We have had over 30,000 accounts log onto the server since January and making the top 70 on Minestatus including 1431 registered users on our website.

We have just purchased another server to expand our name giving us the opportunity to provide our players with 2 different game types, Survival and PvP. In the near future we are also planning to release a Creative server.

We are in the process of creating a cloud, enabling players to teleport between servers within our servers it self and experience the ability to change servers with a simple command in-game.

iPod mod for MC 1.4.6/1.4.7

Developed by R-craft, the iPod Mod offers the players the facility to add a lot many really cool apps to their game such as pause app, trash app, special tnt app, tnt app, tp app, tnt app, help app, menu app, more app, music app, kill app, time app, little app, name app etc. You can also add the much needed weather app. Thus one can infer hat the mod is used to add a lot of the important functions, that are easy to use for crafting an iPod.. Use these apps to watch videos, listen to watch, add photos, change the weather as well as manage the game. These are some really cool apps that can be really useful. You will need one app, to have the different apps.

iPod mod 1.4.6/1.4.7


• Updated to 1.4.6, the latest version of Minecraft
• No need to make 8 apps
• changed texture of the moter
• Need headphones for the music app
• Adds many apps: Time app, More apps app, TP app, TNT+ app , help app, Menu app, Music app, Kill app, Time app, little-app weather app, pause app, Trash app
• The iPod is re-designed

Your iPod is very important in your life and you probably do no want to part with it as it contains the important pictures of your life and all your precious songs. Now with just a single click, you can play all your favorite songs right form your game.

Installation Steps

It is easy and simple to install iPod mod.

1. You need to download and install Forge API first.
2. Download the iPod mod
3. Extract the files wherever you want on the desktop
4. Open the minecraft.jar folder with the help of any unarchive tool
5. Now, copy the .class files in the minecraft.jar
6. Delete META-INF
7. There! It is done. Close the windows and launch Minecraft

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